July 6, 2015

The City Council of Comfrey met in regular session Monday, July 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the community center with all members present. Attorney Paul Muske was also present. Mayor Richter presided.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

The agenda was approved as presented.

June 1, 2015 regular meeting minutes were approved on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Schmitt, second by Kastner and carried unanimously, the following bills were approved:

Alliant Energy

Electricity - May

$       1,529.83

Berberich, Steve

Reimb for parts for pump

$         198.90

Braun & Borth Sanitation

Garbage Pick-up - June

$       2,148.91

Clements Lumber

paint, park and street maint supplies

$         239.05

Comfrey C-Store


$         520.25

Comfrey Fire Dept


$         229.15

Comfrey First Responders

Med Supplies, Med Director

$         352.80

Comfrey Times


$         446.50


Parts for Bottom Fill

$         432.17


Telephone/Internet - June

$         441.42

Gopher State One-Call

5 line locates

$             7.25


Chemical, Tank demurrage

$       1,701.34

Heiderscheidt Digging Inc

Storm Sewer Repair

$     13,752.96

Indoff Incorp

Office supplies, Organizer

$           52.26


Bills and Wages

$       1,602.65

Miller Sellner

Mower belt

$           73.50

Muske, Muske & Suhrhoff

Professional Services

$         137.50

Payroll Expense

Hourly Payroll Expense

$         807.40

RDO Equipment Co

Sweeper rental

$         500.00

Schwarzrock, Eric

Computer repair, RAM

$         171.00

S W Dust Treatment

Dust Treatment

$       1,849.10

T & C Service

Mower belts, weed whipper string

$         134.50

Utility Consultants, Inc

WWTP Tests

$         248.25

Verizon Wireless

Police Cell Phone - June

$           77.89


The financial report was reviewed and approved on motion by Arnsdorf, second by Evers and carried unanimously.

Fire Department had no new business.

Public Works Director Berberich informed the council the storm sewer project was completed and went well.  The building roofs at the waste water treatment plant have also been completed.

First Responders had no new business.

Police Chief Meyer reviewed the police report with the council.  . 

The library board minutes were reviewed.

            No update reported for the “Little White Church”.

Clerk Kelly informed the council there were no city contacts for additional feedback on the Public Alert System as it is brand new.  Kelly will follow up again with them.

Mike Swan from Agri Natural Gas was present and shared some information about the process and possibility of having natural gas available in the City of Comfrey.  A motion was made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers to set a public informational meeting date.  Carried unanimously.  Clerk Kelly will follow up with Mike Swan to set a date. 

            Mary Nosbush from AFLAC presented some information about insurance policies AFLAC can offer.  The council asked for some additional information to be shared with the employees to see if it is something to pursue any further.     

            Relief Association President Bob Emineth talked to the council about investment options for their pension account.  They would like permission to look into hiring an advisor to help them manage their account as their funds are currently in certificate of deposits which are providing minimum interest income at this time.  The council gave them permission to look into other options to present at a later time.

            The Sanitary Survey report was reviewed.

            A first reading of a rental license ordinance was had.

            The Bridging Brown County Leadership program was discussed.  The council will provide two scholarships again if we can find serious applicants that would like to attend.  Name suggestions will be discussed at the next meeting.

            A concern was brought to the council about parking vehicles on front yards.  Attorney Muske informed the council this could become part of a nuisance ordinance or a parking ordinance could be created.  Samples will be looked at for the next meeting.

            Nuisance properties were also discussed.  Motion by Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt to begin proceedings to seek a judicial decree declaring a forfeiture and cancellation of the deed as a result of a default in the performance of the terms and conditions of the Development Agreement regarding the property described as Lot Twelve (12), Block Twenty-one (21), Original Plat, City of Comfrey, Brown County, Minnesota.  Motion carried unanimously.  Police Chief Meyers was also instructed to take steps to enforce the nuisance ordinance.

            Discussion was had regarding a request for “Watch for Children” signs being placed in the alley connecting Prairie and White Street.  Motion made by Kastner, seconded by Arnsdorf to put up the signs.  Carried unanimously.

            Pay Equity Report was received back from the department of Minnesota Management and Budget.  Clerk Kelly informed the council the city was found to be in compliance.  Motion by Arnsdorf, second by Evers to accept the report.  Carried Unanimously.

Land Use Permits were approved for Jeremy Pidde to build a garage and Clements Lumber to replace their lean type building.  Motion made by Evers, seconded by Schmitt to approve permits. Carried unanimously.

A resolution expressing acceptance and appreciation for a memorial donation in honor of Lee Wallin to the First Responders for $2400 made by Linda Wallin. The resolution was approved on a motion from Schmitt, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously.

Motion by Schmitt, second by Evers to set the long range planning meeting for Monday, August 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM in the community center.  Carried Unanimously

Motion by Arnsdorf, second by Schmitt to change the September City Council meeting to September 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the community center.  The change is due to the Labor Day Holiday falling of the first Monday of the month.  Motion carried unanimously.

Information was also shared with the council on tobacco free parks, and the Region 9 budget.  No action taken.

The meeting was adjourned on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers.