July 6, 2016

The City Council of Comfrey met in regular session Monday, July 6, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the community center with all members present.  Attorney Paul Muske was also present. Mayor Richter presided.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

The agenda was approved as presented.

June 6, 2016 regular meeting minutes were approved on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously.

The following bills were approved on a motion by Evers, second by Kastner and carried unanimously.                    

Automatic Systems CoWWTP - Electrodes $        161.60
Bolton & Menk, IncEngineer Fees- WTP/Tower project $   11,190.65
Braun & Borth SanitationGarbage Pick-up - June $     2,222.72
Brown County REAElectricity - May $     1,920.39
City of SpringfieldTransfer of Title - FR Rig $          40.75
Clements LumberPaint, paper towels, Misc Supplies $        221.58
Comfrey C-StoreFuel $        427.61
Comfrey Fire DeptExpenses $     3,423.87
Comfrey First RespondersMileage, Rig lettering $        493.49
Darfur ElectricFuse for warning siren $        188.62
Dennis E Oberloh, LTD2015 Financial Audit $     4,643.74
FrontierTelephone/Internet - June $        470.82
GAGS Sheet MetalMunicipal Bldg Roof $   49,840.00
Gopher One Call3 line locates $            4.05
Harvest LandSpray for weeds $        184.89
HawkinsTank demurrage, chemicals $          15.00
Indoff IncorporatedSheet protectors $            9.59
LibraryBills and Wages $     1,604.50
Mike's MarketBandages, soap $            6.92
Muske, Muske & SuhrhoffProfessional Services $        282.40
Payroll ExpensePayroll Expense $   10,304.30
RDO Equipment CoAngle Broom Rental $        500.00
SafetyFirst Playground Surfacing LLC20 yds of Woodchips $        500.00
SW Dust TreatmentDust treatment $     1,815.21
USA BlueBookThermometers, Float Switch $        378.15
Utility Consultants, IncWWTP Tests $        248.25
Verizon WirelessPolice Cell Phone - June $          78.42


June financial statement was reviewed and approved on motion by Schmitt, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously.

Berberich reported the municipal building roof is completed.  The south park shelter has been completely repainted along with the one piece of playground equipment. The City would like to thank Rick Kastner for donating the stain for the playground equipment. Seal coating should be completed by Friday.

Berberich was excited to announce the fire department was awarded a grant from FEMA in the amount of $53,380 to purchase new turnout gear. He hopes to have vendor’s present options to the department in August.

First Responders Captain Paula Barnes reported the donation of the first responder rigs has been completed. Sanborn has picked up our old rig and plans to participate in the Comfrey Community Days parade. They also need to purchase a new blood pressure cuff at a cost of $500-$600.  Mike Wegner was approved as a new first responder on a motion made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Kastner and carried unanimously.

Chief Meyer reviewed the police report with the council.

The library board report was reviewed. Arnsdorf informed the council a group of local library representatives are going before the commissioners to ask for an increase in aid to help cover rising costs of TDS.

No update from Agrinatural Gas.

Andy Kehren from Bolton and Menk presented the bids for the water project. The bids ranged from $697,000 to $962,000. The low bid was much higher than anticipated. Kehren reported there are 3 scopes of the project the contractors are bidding on; the well sealing, painting of the water tower and the upgrade of the water plant. The bids came in higher than expected on the sealing of the well and new controls at the water plant. A motion was made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously to award the construction contact to Di-Mar Construction in the amount of $697,000 contingent upon acceptable PFA financing of the project.

As part of the requirements for PFA financing our current water rates were analyzed. It was determined a rate increase to a $20 base rate and $4.20 per 1000 gallons of water used is required to cover debt on the new loan. In order to secure PFA financing for the project this is one of the requirements that need to be met. A resolution was adopted to increase water rates to a $20 base fee and $4.20/10000 gallons used effective December 15th on a motion made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously.

No further update on the request for handicap parking in front of each apartment building.

The second reading was held of Ordinance #185 extending the franchise agreement with Hanson Communications for cable television in Comfrey until July 6, 2028.  Ordinance #185 passed and was adopted on a motion made by Evers, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously.

A second reading was held of Ordinance #186 opting out of the requirements of Minn Stat 462.3593, which defines and regulates temporary health care dwellings. Ordinance #186 passed and was adopted on a motion made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously.

On motion of Schmitt, seconded by Kastner and carried unanimously Judy Augustin, Julie Fredin, Tammy Kelly, and Cathy Berberich are appointed election judges for the August 9, 2016 primary and November 8, 2016 general election.

            A motions was made by Evers, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously for the city to provide two Bridging Brown County Scholarships in the amount of $300 each. A list of names was discussed and individuals will be contacted to see if they can participate in the program.

            A motion was made by Evers, seconded by Kastner and carried unanimously with Arnsdorf abstaining to add Arnsdorf as a signer on all City bank accounts.

            The long range planning work session date was set for August 10, 2016 at 6:30 pm on a motion made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously.

            A motion was made by Kastner, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously to give $100 to the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

            No action taken on a funds request from the Small Business Development Center.

            City of Comfrey clothing was discussed and the each council member will purchase a polo shirt if they would like.

            The meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers, carried unanimously.