WasteWater Treatment Department

The Comfrey WasteWater Treatment Plant was built in 1952.  It consists of one lift station in town and a collection system and wastewater treatment plant 1/4 mile east of town.  It is a mechanical plant consisting of a primary clarifier, trickling filter, final clarifier and chlorine contact tank.  It has aerobic digestion with drying beds.
In 1989 a reconstruction project refurbished the clarifiers, pumps and filter media to make design flow of 90,000 gallons per day possible.  The present average flow is 25,000 gallons per day.
In March, 1998 a tornado hit Comfrey.  There was damage to the digester mixer and the chlorine contact tank.  In 1999 a new digester mixer and chlorine contact tank, along with a new control building for chlorine, samplers and flow meter were installed and built.
Our facility is a Class C facility.
Steven Berberich is the primary operator of the Class C facility.  Steven has 21 years of experience.  He has a Class C Wastewater License and a Type 4 Sludge License.
Lee Wallin is part time and holds a Class D Wastewater License.