July 1, 2013

The City Council of Comfrey met in regular session Monday, July 1, 2013 at 7:00 PM in the community center with all members present. Attorney Paul Muske was also present. Mayor Richter presided.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

The agenda was approved as presented.

June 3, 2013 regular meeting minutes were read and approved on motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously.

On motion of Evers, seconded by Herrig and carried unanimously, the following bills were approved:

Alliant Energy

Electricity - May

 $     1,621.57

Bolton & Menk

Professional Services for Hwy 258 Project

 $        716.00

Brown County Highway Department

Cty     Rd 16 Project - Pmt #1

 $   52,555.23

Choice Financial Group

Replenish Petty Cash - Postage

 $          62.32

Clements Lumber

Door, ladder, paint, ballast, salt

 $     1,227.79

Comfrey C-Store


 $        385.02

Comfrey Fire Dept


 $     8,069.79

Comfrey First Responders

medical supplies, CPR masks

 $        413.57

Comfrey Market


 $            2.02

Comfrey Times


 $        293.41

Darfur   Electric

New Ballast and service call for street lights

 $          91.33


Telephone/Internet - June

 $        441.51


3 line locates

 $            4.35

Indoff Incorporated

Sheet protectors

 $          11.21

Kevin's Body Shop & Auto Sales

RefinishSouthPark   restroom door

 $        135.00


Bills and Wages

 $     2,171.02

Minnesota   Association of Small Cities

Annual Membership

 $        291.90

Payroll Expense


 $     4,459.08

Rob's Service    Center

Oil, bolts, fuses

 $          18.70

Servocal Instruments Inc

Semi-Annual Calibration of WW Flow Meters

 $        400.00

SW Dust Treatment Inc

Dust treatment

 $     1,698.51

Utility Consultants, Inc

WWTP Tests

 $        246.00


Postage for utility bills and stamps

 $        414.00

Verizon Wireless

Police Cell Phone - June

 $          67.14

Mark Warner

Mileage to Mkto - Radio Board Mtg (weather)

 $          50.40

Waste Management

Res. Garbage pickup - May

 $     1,096.36

The June financial report was reviewed and approved on motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously.

On recommendation from the zoning committee, a motion by Schmitt and seconded by Evers and carried unanimously to approve a special use permit for Mark Evers to build a shop.

Motion made to approve the recommendation of the zoning committee for a special use permit to be granted to Mark Evers to build a shop by Schmitt, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously.

Fire Chief Warner reported pumper truck #2 is done and ready for use with the majority of the expenses being complete.

Police Chief Meyer presented the monthly police report.  Additional help has been lined up for the street dance and dedication during Community Days.

Public Works Director Berberich reported the variable drive went out at lift station tonight.  Bruce Koenig has been called to repair.  Seal coating has been cancelled for this year because of the street project and we will look at doing additional next year instead.  County Road 16 project is going well.  However, they may need to close it down completely next week once they start digging in the pipe.

Kurt Villa from Heiman Fire Equipment stopped by with a quote to test the municipal building alarm system and the kitchen system.  He recommended this is something we should do at least annually.  On motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously permission was granted to move forward with the inspection and testing.

Arnsdorf presented the library board minutes.

City Attorney Paul Muske opened the sealed bids for the purchase of the 1959 Ford fire truck.  There were 3 bids presented; one from Justin Hoffman for $1503.00, one from James Anderson for $1251.77 and one from Keith Bibelheimer for $3010.00.  On motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously, the purchase of the 1959 Ford fire truck went to the high bid of $3010.00 by Keith Bibelheimer.

Board of Review and Equalization training dates were presented.  The council will attend the August 15th training session in St James.

The clothing policy was discussed and it was decided to continue with past practice and evaluate purchases on a case by case basis.

A motion made by Schmitt, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously, to appoint Mark Evers to the Zoning Committee for his second three year term, expiring in August, 2016.

A request from the owners of Goodfellaz Grill and Bar to pay their On Sale Liquor License quarterly because of the business being up for sale and the license cannot be transferred to new owners.  Permission was granted for the quarterly payments for the On Sale Liquor License on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously.  The Off Sale and Sunday Liquor license will need to be paid in full. 

Discussion was had about the 2:00 AM closing time.  A first reading was held on an amendment to ordinance #94 - Hours and Days of Sale, changing the time from 2:00AM to 1:00AM for “On Sale” liquor purchases.

Andrew Richter was approved for hire as temporary summer help in the maintenance area at an hourly rate of $7.25 on motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously with Mayor Richter abstaining.

A donation request from the SmallBusinessDevelopmentCenter was received. No action was taken.

A concern was brought to the council of unleashed dogs in Comfrey.  After discussion it was determined to put a notice on this months utility bill reminding people of the ordinance in place stating all dogs must be kept in an enclosed area or on a leash at all times. Running at large is prohibited

The annual long range planning meeting was scheduled for 7:00 on August 7, 2013 at 7:00 in the Community Center on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously.

The September City Council meeting has been changed to Wednesday, September 4, 2013 because of the Labor Day Holiday on motion from Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously.

On motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously, a public hearing before the Zoning Committee to consider a variance under the zoning ordinance was set for 6:45 pm, August 5, 2013.

The meeting was adjourned on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Herrig.