March 5, 2012

The City Council of Comfrey met in regular session Monday, March 5, 2012 at 7:00 PM in the community center with all members present.  Attorney Paul Muske was also present. Mayor Richter presided.

            The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

            The agenda was approved as presented

            Minutes of the February 8, 2012 meeting were read and approved on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously.

            On motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously, the following bills were approved:

Alpha Wireless

Weather Spotters (shared   cost of battery)

 $        40.82

Alliant Energy

electricity 2 months

 $ 4,182.85

Bolton & Menk

Pay Request #19

 $ 5,981.88

Choice Financial Bank

Replenish petty cash,   postage, tissue, garb bags

 $        47.13

Clements Lumber

paper towels, ext cord,   hook, calculator

 $        96.02

Comfrey C-Store


 $      210.08

Comfrey Fire Dept


 $    1,828.25

Comfrey First Responders

shipping, refresher   classes, EMS Conf, oxygen

 $    2,072.31

Comfrey Market

FR supplies for Chili   Dinner

 $       830.51

Comfrey Times


 $       360.58


2012 Road Benefits (Jud   Ditch 7)

 $       104.89


Annual Fee

 $       100.00

Hawkins, Inc.

chemicals for WWTP,   demurrage

 $         15.00

Indoff, Incorporated

Expanding file, calc   ribbon, storage box

 $         31.12

JCL Solutions

Handle/Switch for scrubber

 $         27.37

League of Minnesota Cities

Safety & Loss Control   Workshops (3)

 $         60.00


bills and wages

 $    5,978.51

Jim Meyer

Partial Reimbursement for   new computer

 $       311.09

Miller Sellner


 $        47.31

MN DNR-Eco Water

Annual Water Use Fees

 $      157.00

MVTL, Inc.

2 wastewater tests

 $      183.00

Muske & Muske

professional services

 $      225.00

New Star Sales &   Service

3 color toner cartridges   for printer

 $      409.51

New Ulm Glass Co, Inc.

parts/labor on door repair   (by post office)

 $       256.00

Payroll Expense


 $    5,206.40


Calterm socket, shop   supplies, grader tire

 $       144.54

Verizon Wireless

police cell phone (Feb)

 $         65.12

Waste Management

Residential Garbage pickup February

 $    1,083.99

            Fire Chief Warner reported on the pumper truck they looked at inGolden Valley.  Following discussion, on motion by Arnsdorf, seconded by Schmitt and carried unanimously, it was voted to purchase the pumper truck for $38,000. The purchase price of $38,000.00 would be split three ways with the relief association donating $10,000, the city portion would be $16,800 and the contracted townships would be $11200.00 or $94.12 per section. All contracted townships are in agreement with this.  

 The February financial report was reviewed and approved on motion of Evers, seconded by Herrig and carried unanimously.

            Steve Berberich reported both water and waste water plants are running smoothly.  He is working withBoltonand Menk to get an open house scheduled this spring at the waste water plant.  Berberich also reported the road grader tires will be in need of repair or require the purchase of new tires next year.   

The monthly police report was presented by Chief Meyer.  His new computer has been ordered and he will work with Eric Schwarzrock to get it set up once it comes in.  Chief Meyer also reported the need of new base radios in the squad car and his office.  This is due to the 800 MHz conversion.  He is looking into purchasing with another city to get better pricing.  A new office chair is also needed as is current chair is in need of major repair.  On motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously permission was given to move forward with the purchase of 2 base radios and office chair.

            Arnsdorf presented minutes from the February library board meeting. The library board voted to purchase 2 new computers and upgrade 7 current computers to Microsoft Office 2010 at a total cost of $1245.  On motion of Herrig, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously, council approval was given to purchase and upgrade software.

            Steve Berberich reported on his findings of new water meters.  He updated council on an estimated cost between $50,000 and $60,000 for new radio meters, hand held readers and software.  MN Rural Water would be available with funding options and to help with the project.  Additional information will be presented at an upcoming council meeting.

            As requested additional information and pricing of utility software upgrade was presented to the council from our current software UBPro to UBMax.  The new software would allow for online customer access to their account information, utility bills and online bill pay.  We would also have the ability to email, reprint utility bills and download reports into Excel for analysis.  The upgrade would have a cost of $545 which would include the importing of 3 years of history and training.  Additional options of QuickBooks integration for $145 plus an annual fee of $100, and eNet pay with a onetime setup fee of $45.  On motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Herrig and carried unanimously to upgrade to UBMax and purchase eNet for a total cost of $590.

            Joel and Linda Schiller were present representing Comfrey After Prom to request use of the Community Center on April 28th for After Prom events.  Charges will remain consistent with policy but they will have use of the community center over night and into early morning on the 29th in order accommodate the times of the after prom events scheduled. 

            City assessor Amos Vogel appeared before the council to discuss 2011 real estate sales.  The Board of Equalization meeting is schedule for Monday, April 23, 2011 at 7:00 PM.

            A resolution expressing acceptance of and appreciation for a donation of $1500 for the fire department from the Darfur Sportsman was made by Evers, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously.

            City staff reviewed the handicap accessibility report for theComfreyMunicipalBuilding.  On motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Evers and carried unanimously, the report was approved.

            The clerk informed councilors the annual pet clinic will be held in the community center on April 4, 2012.

            Permission was given for Tammy Kelly to attend the Minnesota Municipal Clerks Institute in April on motion of Herrig, seconded by Arnsdorf and carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned on motion of Arnsdorf, seconded by Herrig.