Zoning Commission

The Comfrey Zoning Commission is made up of three residents who are appointed by the Mayor.  The Commission is responsible for administration of the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. 
The Zoning Commission will inspect property when Land Use Permits are required.  The landowner is responsible to stake the location of the proposed structure prior to inspection by the Zoning Commission.  Inspections may be conducted during construction and after final construction is completed.
The Zoning Commission reports all violations of the Zoning Ordinance to the City Attorney.  The City Council may take action on violations without prior action by the Zoning Commission.

Commission Members:
Marlin Olson
Mark Evers
Troy Toll 


Contact Tammy Kelly, City Clerk at 507-877-2665 for Land Use Permits and further information on the Zoning Ordinance.