Comfrey Community Center

The Comfrey Community Center is a 5600 sq foot facility that is available for rent.  It features a fully equipped kitchen and has a capacity of 300 persons.  The center may be divided into 3 sections for smaller parties.


Community Center Rental Prices

1 section w/o kitchen                          $ 75.00
A+kitchen                                           $150.00
A,B+kitchen                                        $225.00
A,B,C+kitchen                                     $300.00
Use of kitchen for day prior to
event (plus regular rent)                       $50.00
Wedding reception                              $400.00
Wedding reception & dance                $600.00
(On-site food prep extra)
All other dances (with or
Without alcohol)                                  $400.00
Deposits required:
            Dances                                    $200.00
            Wedding receptions                 $300.00 (Comfrey Resident)
            Wedding receptions                 $500.00 (Non-resident)
            Anniversary receptions             $100.00
            Graduation receptions              $100.00
            Private Parties (With use          $100.00
            2 or more sections)
Rent due before event.
Rental agreements must be signed before event.
Alcohol service contract must be signed before event.
Community center closes at 1:00 AM, for all events (everyone must be out).


To reserve the community center contact Tammy Kelly 507-877-2665.