Comfrey Economic Development Authority (EDA)

The Comfrey EDA was established August 21, 2000.


The EDA is a a public body and a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota.
The EDA consists of a governing body of five commissioners.  Two of the commissioners are members of the City Council.  All commissioners are appointed by the Mayor, with approval of the City Council.

Present commissioners:

Kevin Ludewig       Chairman, Member at Large
Rick Kastner          City Council Representative
Scott Hoek             Member at Large
Gary Richter          City Council Representative
Troy Toll                 Member at Large
Tammy Kelly          Assistant Treasurer (Non-voting)


The EDA has the authority to sell bonds, with City Council approval.
The EDA has the authority to engage in development and redevelopment of property.  The development will be consistent with the City Comprehensive Plan.  The EDA may engage in public housing and business.

The EDA of Comfrey has built a Duplex and a Fourplex, which are located along County Road 17.  At the present time all units are rented.  Contact Tammy Kelly, City Clerk, 507-877-2665 for for further information on rental.